Here’s a randomly picked demo from one of the 203 that were completed:

(Head to the DEMO FEST bandcamp to hear the other 202, or just refresh this page to get another!)

What is DEMO FEST?

Over 350 musical artists, bands, or projects from all over the world spent the 2020 fall creating a new music in the form of a demo for DEMO FEST.


On December 21st (the winter solstice!) all 203 finished demos were released at 

This is not a compilation, but a huge selection of brand new demos from a variety of musicians, established and brand new across countless genres.


Donations to download any or all of these demos, proceeds from the USB key physical release, and donations collected during the telethon are being raised for Solidarity Across Borders, a migrant justice network in Montreal, QC, Canada. Comprised of migrants and allies, they organize to support individuals and families who are confronting an unjust immigration and refugee system. Please check them out, and don’t feel the need to wait until DEMO FEST to send them some money if you have the means – their need is ongoing.

Other questions?

Email us.


DEMO FEST is based in Tiohtià:ke (so-called Montreal). To learn more about the history of the land you’re living on, check out